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Paul Leitner, MD

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Adults over age 65 have specific health needs and risks that are much different from those experienced by younger patients. As a trained geriatrics specialist, Dr. Leitner is uniquely positioned to offer care that's specifically aimed at addressing the health issues affecting older residents of the Los Angeles, CA, area.

Geriatrics Q & A

What is geriatric medicine?

Geriatric medicine is a field of medicine devoted to the care of people 65 years of age and older. It focuses on the diseases and health risks that are especially common among older adults, including issues like incontinence or memory problems with which other doctors may not be as familiar. The aim of a geriatrics specialist is to help patients lead the most fulfilling lives possible and to feel confident about their overall health care.

What types of care or services does a geriatrics doctor provide?

A geriatrics doctor like Dr. Leitner offers a full range of health services for patients 65 and up as well as services aimed specifically at health issues most commonly experienced during older age. Patient benefit not only from having a doctor who is specially trained to diagnose and manage these special care needs, but also from having a healthcare provider with whom they can feel comfortable discussing their concerns.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Bring all your medications as well as any vitamins or other supplements that you take. If you use assistive devices like a hearing aid, cane or walker, bring those items as well. You may also decide to bring a family member with you so they can ask questions or take notes during your exam. 

What should I expect during the exam?

Dr. Leitner will talk to you about your health history as well as discuss any current problems or concerns you may have including mental health issues, family problems or sexual dysfunction. A physical exam will help evaluate your general health as well as your mental status, functional or memory issues, osteoporosis, history or risk of falling, vision and hearing, mobility issues and other concerns. He may also discuss medication management and issues surrounding your mood including depression, which often affects older adults.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept most PPO insurance plans in addition to Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CIGNA, Aetna. Below is a short-list of just some of the plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed below.

Blue Cross
Blue Shield