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Diagnosing and managing lung health issues is critical for your general health. Dr. Leitner offers comprehensive pulmonary function testing to patients throughout the Los Angeles, CA, area to ensure their lungs are as healthy as possible.

Pulmonary Function Testing Q & A

What is a pulmonary function test (PFT)?

A pulmonary function rest is a test used to evaluate how well your lungs are working. Different types of PFTs evaluate different aspects of lung function, including how quickly your lungs are able to move air in and out of your lungs, how much air your lungs can hold and how well your lungs function during exertion. The tests are used to help your doctor determine if you may be suffering from a lung disease or functional impairment and they can also be used during treatment to assess how well a particular type of treatment is working. 

What is involved in a pulmonary function test?

Most tests involve wearing a specially designed mask or mouthpiece connected to a device called a spirometer. A noseclip will prevent air from entering or leaking out of your nose. As you breathe in and out, the spirometer will be able to measure your lung capacity and some factors affecting lung function. During the test, you'll be asked to breathe in specific ways – for instance, breathe deeply or blow out as hard as you can.

Are there any side effects of a lung function test?

During certain portions of the test, you may feel slightly dizzy or lightheaded, much as you would if you began panting heavily. Some patients may feel slight chest discomfort from expanding the lungs to capacity, but you will be monitored throughout the test to watch for any signs of distress.

How should I prepare for a PFT?

Dr. Leitner's staff will provide you with complete instructions, but in general, avoid eating a heavy meal just prior to the test and do not have any drinks with caffeine on the day of testing. Also avoid exercising or smoking at least six hours before your test. You may take prescribed medicines.


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