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Regular physical exams are the best way to ensure your body is in the best shape possible, and they're also critically important for identifying diseases in their earliest stages. Dr. Leitner provides comprehensive physical exams for patients in and round the Los Angeles, CA, area to help them maintain optimal health.

Routine Physicals Q & A

Why do I need a routine physical?

A physical exam performed on a regular basis is the best way to detect diseases and health conditions in their earliest stages. That's because an exam evaluates a wide range of factors and compares them to previous exam results to identify telltale changes that can indicate a need for further evaluation. Routine physicals also require regular blood tests to screen for diseases like diabetes and to look for signs of infection. Plus, an exam is an ideal time to discuss any health-related concerns you may have and to get advice about steps you can take to maintain the optimal health.

What does a routine physical include?

Your physical will being with questions about your current health and your health history. Depending upon the information in your health records, Dr. Leitner may also ask about your family's health history. During the physical exam, your height and weight will be measured and your blood pressure will be taken. Dr. Leitner will listen to your lungs and your heart, feel your belly and look at your eyes, ears, nose and throat. He may take your pulse, ether in your arm or your ankles, and your reflexes may be checked. In most cases, standard blood tests will be ordered to check for signs of disease like elevated blood sugar levels or elevated white blood cell levels which can indicate an infection is present.

How often do I need to have a routine physical exam?

Ideally, routine physicals should be performed annually so your doctor can keep an eye on your vital signs and other factors that can indicate a developing health condition. Having an exam every year elevates the chances that the earliest signs of a disease will be caught so treatment can begin when it's most effective.

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