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Vaccines help the body ward off serious diseases that can cause significant health risks. Dr. Leitner offers a full complement of vaccinations to help patients from the Los Angeles, CA, area stay as healthy as possible. He can help you determine which vaccines you'll need for optimum health.

Vaccinations Q & A

Why are vaccinations important?

Vaccines were developed to help the body's natural immune system ward off dangerous diseases like polio and measles. While the immune system is able to fight off some diseases, other diseases may be too strong for the body's natural defense system to handle; some diseases like measles or mumps may also be associated with severe complications. In these cases, vaccines have been developed to help provide the extra assistance needed to keep the diseases at bay.

Are vaccines effective in preventing disease?

Today's vaccines are extremely effective; in fact, thanks to a robust program of vaccinations for smallpox, the disease has been completely eradicated from the U.S., and regular vaccines are no longer mandatory.

If I had vaccinations as a child, will I still need them as an adult?

Yes, you'll still need some types of vaccinations as an adult. For instance, tetanus vaccinations only last a few years; then they need to be renewed in order for them to remain effective. Plus, because new and more effective vaccines are developed on a regular basis, there may be some vaccines which you did not receive as a child, but which you should have now. And of course, you may also need to have vaccinations to satisfy requirements from your employer or school or to keep you healthy during overseas travel.

Can I get sick from a vaccine?

No, but you may experience some slight achiness for a day or two afterward as your body creates antibodies that will help it fight off the disease in the future. 

How do I know which vaccinations I need?

Dr. Leitner will review your health records and discuss your current health risks during your office visit. Based on that information, he'll be able to determine which vaccinations you need for optimal health.


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